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Kicking Off Season 2, Three Will Ride Forth

Three medium sized wolves stand on arid grass on a cloudy day. Their orange eyes are framed by tufts of gray and brown hair. Their snouts and breasts are white, against the dappled fur of their back and ears.

Episode Highlights

Casting Announcements

  • Mandi Symonds/Daise Congar is known for her role in Scrubbers (1982). Scrubber is also a famous line from the movie Withnail & I (1987). Both movies were produced by Handmade Films.

  • David Sterne/Cenn Buie wrote and recorded a unique story during the 2020 Pandemic entitled Odd Sock

  • Stuart Graham/Geofram Bornhald was famous for his role opposite Michael Fassbender in Steve McQueen's Hunger (2008).

  • Abdul Salis / Eaman Valda. may be recognized by audiences for his appearance in Love Actually (2003).

  • Before running the Queen's Blessing, Darren Clarke/Basil Gil was featured as a BDSM client in Secret Diary of a Call Girl (timecode 1:16)

  • The Ballad of Steve by Androl The Bard of Time should be enjoyed by all, as should The Steve of Time trailer

  • Izuka Hoyle/ Dana has shared some fun audition outtakes on her Instagram Stories

  • Daryl McCormack/Aram's adorable Twitter Tinker post

Twitter of Time Highlights

Cool Story Podcast Discussion Thread

Lezbi Nerdy "Lets Talk About Slavery in the Wheel of Time"

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