Kicking Off Season 2, Three Will Ride Forth

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Casting Announcements

  • Mandi Symonds/Daise Congar is known for her role in Scrubbers (1982). Scrubber is also a famous line from the movie Withnail & I (1987). Both movies were produced by Handmade Films.

  • David Sterne/Cenn Buie wrote and recorded a unique story during the 2020 Pandemic entitled Odd Sock

  • Stuart Graham/Geofram Bornhald was famous for his role opposite Michael Fassbender in Steve McQueen's Hunger (2008).

  • Abdul Salis / Eaman Valda. may be recognized by audiences for his appearance in Love Actually (2003).

  • Before running the Queen's Blessing, Darren Clarke/Basil Gil was featured as a BDSM client in Secret Diary of a Call Girl (timecode 1:16)

  • The Ballad of Steve by Androl The Bard of Time should be enjoyed by all, as should The Steve of Time trailer

  • Izuka Hoyle/ Dana has shared some fun audition outtakes on her Instagram Stories

  • Daryl McCormack/Aram's adorable Twitter Tinker post

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Cool Story Podcast Discussion Thread

Lezbi Nerdy "Lets Talk About Slavery in the Wheel of Time"