High Praise for Barney Harris

Jay & Collin celebrate the budding romance between #TwitterOfTime & Barney Harris, the talented spirit bringing Matrim Cauthon to life on the silver screen! We take a look at the gorgeous music Barney has shared with the community, fan engagements n' memes, and guidelines for how to keep the community a safe space for all. Episode links below!

Barney's Soundcloud

Barney's Instagram

Barney on Twitter

Aes Veshan Twitter

Stained Glass Wheel of Time Window

Wandering Channeler questions whether Aes Sedai must truly see flows/eeaves to channel

Bayle's Aged Grandmother Meme

Rhuidean Fountain Meme

Master of the Deck "How Not to Sexually Harass an Actor on Social Media"

Little Red Fox Cosplay

Whitecloak Costume Leak