Episode 9 - One Power Thrupples & VFX

    The Hall of the Tower discuss Amazon's casting announcement of Alanna and her more than handsome Warders, Ihvon and Maksim. Following a deep exploration into the lustful possibilities such a sexy trio bring to mind, the Sitters dives into Channeling and VFX. What will Saidar, Saidin and weaves of the One Power look like when channeled onto the small screen?

    Assumed Reading: The Eye of the World, The Great Hunt

    Episode Notes:

    Deadline Casting Announcement

    Alanna Mosvani will be played by Priyanka Bose

    Known for Lion - Interview

    #MeToo involvement: horror stories

    Ihvon will be played by Emmanuel Imani

    Maksim will be played by Taylor Napier

    Taylor's Reel

    Miroslav Precechtel has been added to the Special Effects team

    Harry Potter wands weaves VFX example