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Ep 1 "Leavetaking & The Gravy Twins"

Cover Artwork "Eye of the World" by Darrell K. Sweet

Episode 1includes a discussion about each Writer behind the upcoming Amazon TV Series. Our second segment discusses what might change in a more general sense for season one, with more detailed predictions around the pilot titled "Leavetaking". Our main focus is contextualizing the TV series within Book 1, "Eye of the World". However, there is some light talk of new spring and pillow friends - without ruining any of the specific events of the prequel. Stomp is always there to keep us in check and call out, "No Spoilers" so fear not.

Episode Notes:

Segment 1 - Production News Topic:"The Writer's Room"

Rafe Judkins Survivor

Brandon Sanderson's POV on Show Development

Rafe Judkins AMA

Ajah Bath Towels

Dave Hill's IMDB Profile Pic

The Gravy Twins Instagram Bio

Paul Clarkson Star Wars/Frozen Parody

Magical Works of Celine Song

Patrick Strapazon's Bela

Segment 2 - Topic:"Eye of the World" Chapters 1-10, Series Ep 1 "Leavetaking"

Hater Quote - "Why The Wheel of Time Sucks"

Segment 3 - "Ta'veren't, Adventures of a False Dragon

  • A Custom RPG using PBTA (Powered By The Apocalypse) mechanics

  • The Manual & Character Builds Sheets will be released this winter, completely free to download


Rafe Judkins is not single. He has a wonderful partner.

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