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Episode 3: Casting Backlash & Lovesac's Waiting

Hi Friends,

I apologize we couldn't get this episode live sooner, but we are eager to share our thoughts and reactions! Matt, our editor, and myself are both in production right now and trying hard to make time for sleep and anything beyond work.

That said, it was hard to contain our excitement, energy, and emotions in discussing the wonderful announcement of the Emond's Field Five cast in this episode. While some of the fandom reacted negatively, it sparked some great discussion (and also some not so great discussion). We look forward to hearing what you think, as much as we look forwarded to seeing these talented young actors bring our heroes to life. Whatever your thoughts on the cast, the way we and future readers experience the books is forever changed.

We also discussed our predictions for the TV Episode 2, "Shadow's Waiting" written by Amanda Kate Shuman.

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Rand - Josha Stradowski Reel

Perrin - Marcus Rutherdord Interview

Mat - Barney Harris "Starboy" Trailer (or Mat in a Hat!)

Mat - Barney Harris "Billy Lynn's Halftime Walk"

Christian Bale Body Transformations

Gym Bros making fun of Drake

Nynaeve - Zoe Robin ComicCon

Egwene - Maddy Madden "Picnic at Hanging Rock"

Purchase a Lovesac

Ursula K. Leguin "A Wizard of Earth Sea" article on race & sexism

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